High Quality / Services Guaranteed

  • Pick-up and Transfers.

    • From the Check-in or Compound to the Work Center

    • Interior Vacuum and Polish
    • Cleaning of Interior Windows.
    • Air Freshener.
    • General Fluid Level Testing.
    Wash and Dry.

    • Hand-Drying of Body and Exterior Windows.
    Final Inspection.

    • Safety Feature Review.
    • General Vehicle Review.

    • Transfer and Delivery of the Vehicle to the desired location.
  • Drive-Thru Only.

    • Vehicles that Require an Extra Wash.
    Upholstery Cleaning.

    • If Required.
    Special Interior Cleaning.

    • Extremely Dirty Vehicle Interior.
    Child-Seat Cleaning.
    Buster Cleaning.
    Office Cleaning.
  • Additional Transport.

    • All Transport NOT Included in the Complete Circuit.

    • Any Collection, Transfer and Delivery of a Vehicle within National Territory.
  • Fuel Extraction.

    • Pump Extraction.
    • Removal of Interior Materials and Objects.
    • Safety Measures According to Current Regulations.

    • Fuel Extraction.
    • Vehicle Preparation as Required by the Customer.
    Reception of Vehicles (New and Used).

    • Interior and Exterior Vehicle Inspection.
    • Accessories Check.
    • Report Submission.

    • Verify Vehicle Documents.
    • Installation of License Plates.
    • Placement of Customer Logos.
  • Check-In-Point.

    • Interior and Exterior Damage Inspection.
    • Accessories Check.
    • Note Fuel Level and Mileage.
    • Report Submission.

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